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Planktonic prokaryote and protist communities in a submarine canyon system in the Ligurian Sea (NW Mediterranean)

Mauro Celussi , Grazia Marina Quero , Luca Zoccarato , Annalisa Franzo , Cinzia Corinaldesi , et al.
Progress in Oceanography, 2018, 168, pp.210-221. ⟨10.1016/j.pocean.2018.10.002⟩
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The ternary diagram of functional diversity

Carlo Ricotta , János Podani , Dénes Schmera , Giovanni Bacaro , Simona Maccherini , et al.
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2023, 14 (5), pp.1168-1174. ⟨10.1111/2041-210x.14100⟩
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Dissemination of Alpine Accelerometric Data

John Douglas , Philippe Guéguen , Emmanuel Chaljub , Fabrice Cotton , Peter Suhadolc , et al.
Third International Symposium on the Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion, Aug 2006, Grenoble, France. Paper Number: 31
Conference papers hal-00713992v1

Weak tradeoff between xylem safety and xylem-specific hydraulic efficiency across the world's woody plant species

Sean M. Gleason , Mark Westoby , Steven Jansen , Brendan Choat , Uwe G. Hacke , et al.
New Phytologist, 2016, 209 (1), pp.123-136. ⟨10.1111/nph.13646⟩
Journal articles hal-02639658v1
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rasterdiv-An Information Theory tailored R package for measuring ecosystem heterogeneity from space: To the origin and back

Duccio Rocchini , Elisa Thouverai , Matteo Marcantonio , Martina Iannacito , Daniele da Re , et al.
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 2021, 12 (6), pp.1093-1102. ⟨10.1111/2041-210X.13583⟩
Journal articles hal-03244722v1

Mycobacterium fortuitum infection in silver arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum)

Katia Varello , M. Prearo , Erika A.V. Burioli , P. Pastorino , D. Mugetti , et al.
Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists, 2019, 39 (2), pp.83-88
Journal articles hal-04076761v1
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Graphene oxide impairs the pollen performance of Nicotiana tabacum and Corylus avellana suggesting potential negative effects on the sexual reproduction of seed plants

Fabio Candotto Carniel , Davide Gorelli , Emmanuel Flahaut , Lorenzo Fortuna , Cecilia del Casino , et al.
Environmental science‎.Nano, 2018, pp.0. ⟨10.1039/c8en00052b⟩
Journal articles hal-01811152v1

Pliocene-Quaternary mass wasting along the Ionian Calabrian margin, offshore southern Italy

Oliviero Candoni , Silvia Ceramicola , Daniel Praeg , Massimo Zecchin , Giuseppe Brancatelli , et al.
EGU General Assembly 2018, Apr 2018, Vienne, Austria. pp.EGU2018-13942
Conference papers hal-02156355v1

CyHV-2 Outbreak Associated with Aeromonas spp. in Crucian Carp (Carassius carassius) in Piedmont (Italy)

Caruso Claudio , P Pastorino , R Prato , Erika A.V. Burioli , S Peletto , et al.
Trends in Fisheries and Aquatic Animal Health, 8, BENTHAM SCIENCE PUBLISHERS, pp.307-314, 2017, 978-1-68108-581-4. ⟨10.2174/9781681085807117010017⟩
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Extension of preparation methods employed with ceramic materials to carbon honeycomb monoliths

Conchi Maria Concepcion Ovin Ania , José Manuel Gatica , José María Rodríguez-Izquierdo , Daniel Sánchez , Concepción Ania , et al.
Carbon, 2004, 42 (15), pp.3251-3254. ⟨10.1016/j.carbon.2004.06.040⟩
Journal articles hal-02125057v1

Molecular and chemical characterization of a Sphagnum palustre clone: Key steps towards a standardized and sustainable moss bag technique

A. Di Palma , D. Crespo Pardo , V. Spagnuolo , P. Adamo , R. Bargagli , et al.
Ecological Indicators, 2016, 71, pp.388-397. ⟨10.1016/j.ecolind.2016.06.044⟩
Journal articles hal-01483182v1
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Applicability of OECD test guideline 201 to graphene-related materials (GRMs): new insights into GRMs dispersions stability and possible modifications of the standard protocol

G Caorsi , F Candotto Carniel , Emmanuel Flahaut , E Vázquez , M Prato , et al.
International Congress of Toxicology (ICT2022), Sep 2022, Maastricht, Netherlands
Conference papers hal-03850073v1
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The importance of crustal structure in explaining the observed uncertainties in ground motion estimation

John Douglas , Hideo Aochi , Peter Suhadolc , Giovanni Costa
Earthquake Engineering in the 21st Century (EE-21C), Aug 2005, Ohrid, Macedonia. Topic 2: Strong Ground Motion, Engineering Seismology, Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment
Conference papers hal-00713712v1

Timing and duration of the Central Atlantic magmatic province in the Newark and Culpeper basins, eastern U.S.A.

Andrea Marzoli , Fred Jourdan , John H. Puffer , Tiberio Cuppone , Lawrence H. Tanner , et al.
Lithos, 2011, 122 (3-4), pp.175-188. ⟨10.1016/j.lithos.2010.12.013⟩
Journal articles istex insu-00675020v1
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Dynamics of the Pacific oyster pathobiota during mortality episodes in Europe assessed by 16S rRNA gene profiling and a new target enrichment next-generation sequencing strategy

Aide Lasa , Andrea Di Cesare , Giovanni Tassistro , Alessio Borello , Stefano Gualdi , et al.
Environmental Microbiology, 2019, Pathogen and Antimicrobial Resistance Ecology, 21 (12), pp.4548-4562. ⟨10.1111/1462-2920.14750⟩
Journal articles hal-02409066v1
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Rarefaction of beta diversity

Carlo Ricotta , Alicia Acosta , Giovanni Bacaro , Marta Carboni , Alessandro Chiarucci , et al.
Ecological Indicators, 2019, 107, pp.105606. ⟨10.1016/j.ecolind.2019.105606⟩
Journal articles hal-02551943v1
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A new Eemian record of Antarctic tephra layers retrieved from the Talos Dome ice core (Northern Victoria Land)

Biancamaria Narcisi , Jean Robert Petit , Antonio Langone , Barbara Stenni
Global and Planetary Change, 2016, 137, pp.69 - 78. ⟨10.1016/j.gloplacha.2015.12.016⟩
Journal articles insu-01351730v1
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Functional imbalance not functional evenness is the third component of community structure

Carlo Ricotta , Giovanni Bacaro , Simona Maccherini , Sandrine Pavoine
Ecological Indicators, 2022, 140, pp.109035. ⟨10.1016/j.ecolind.2022.109035⟩
Journal articles hal-03766728v1

Occurrence of ascaridoid nematodes in Illex coindetii, a commercially relevant cephalopod species from the Ligurian Sea (Northwest Mediterranean Sea)

Vasco Menconi , Paolo Pastorino , Erika A.V. Burioli , Marzia Righetti , Tommaso Scanzio , et al.
Food Control, 2020, 116, pp.107311. ⟨10.1016/j.foodcont.2020.107311⟩
Journal articles hal-04076738v1

Study of Diseases and the Immune System of Bivalves Using Molecular Biology and Genomics

Camino Gestal , Philippe Roch , Tristan Renault , Alberto Pallavicini , Christine Paillard , et al.
Reviews in Fisheries Science, 2008, 16 (S1), pp.133-156. ⟨10.1080/10641260802325518⟩
Journal articles hal-00654382v1
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Mediterranean rocky reefs in the Anthropocene Mediterranean rocky reefs in the Anthropocene: present status and future concerns

Stanislao Bevilacqua , Laura Airoldi , Enric Ballesteros , Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi , Ferdinando Boero , et al.
Advances in Marine Biology, 89, Elsevier, pp.1-51, 2021, Advances in Marine Biology, ⟨10.1016/bs.amb.2021.08.001⟩
Book sections hal-03358086v1

Evaporite karst in Italy: a review

Jo de Waele , Leonardo Piccini , Andrea Colombu , Giuliana Madonia , Marco Vattano , et al.
International Journal of Speleology, 2017, 46 (2), pp. 137 - 168. ⟨10.5038/1827-806X.46.2.2107⟩
Journal articles hal-01892668v1

Bone marrow fat accumulation after 60 days of bed rest persisted 1 year after activities were resumed along with hemopoietic stimulation: the Women International Space Simulation for Exploration study.

Guy Trudel , Michael Payne , Burkhard Mädler , Nanthan Ramachandran , Martin Lecompte , et al.
Journal of Applied Physiology, 2009, 107 (2), pp.540-548. ⟨10.1152/japplphysiol.91530.2008⟩
Journal articles hal-00441303v1
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Loron / Santa Marina (Tar-Vabriga, Poreč, Croatie)

Corinne Rousse , Davor Munda , Gaetano Benčić , Kristina Gergeta Sotončić , Christophe Vaschalde , et al.
Chronique des activités archéologiques de l'École française de Rome, 2018, ⟨10.4000/cefr.2043⟩
Journal articles halshs-02049735v1
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Structure and reactivity of As(III)- and As(V)-rich schwertmannites and amorphous ferric arsenate sulfate from the Carnoule's acid mine drainage, France: Comparison with biotic and abiotic model compounds and implications for As remediation

Fabien Maillot , Guillaume Morin , Farid Juillot , Odile Bruneel , Corinne Casiot , et al.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2013, 104, pp.310-329. ⟨10.1016/j.gca.2012.11.016⟩
Journal articles hal-01018059v1
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Relative abundances of benthic foraminifera in response to total organic carbon in sediments: Data from European intertidal areas and transitional waters

Vincent M.P. Bouchet , Fabrizio Frontalini , Fabio Francescangeli , Pierre-Guy Sauriau , Emmanuelle Geslin , et al.
Data in Brief, 2021, 35, pp.106920. ⟨10.1016/j.dib.2021.106920⟩
Journal articles hal-03154324v1
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Stomatal responses in grapevine become increasingly more tolerant to low water potentials throughout the growing season

Jose Carlos Herrera , Alberto Calderan , Gregory A Gambetta , Enrico Peterlunger , Astrid Forneck , et al.
Plant Journal, 2021, pp.1-12. ⟨10.1111/tpj.15591⟩
Journal articles hal-03476561v1

On research priorities to advance understanding of the safety–efficiency tradeoff in xylem

Sean M. Gleason , Mark Westoby , Steven Jansen , Brendan Choat , Tim J. Brodribb , et al.
New Phytologist, 2016, 211 (4), pp.1156-1158. ⟨10.1111/nph.14043⟩
Journal articles hal-02637881v1

A combination of whey protein and potassium bicarbonate supplements during head-down-tilt bed rest: Presentation of a multidisciplinary randomized controlled trial (MEP study)

Judith Buehlmeier , Edwin Mulder , Alexandra Noppe , Petra Frings-Meuthen , Oliver Angerer , et al.
Acta Astronautica, 2014, 95, pp.82-91. ⟨10.1016/j.actaastro.2013.11.001⟩
Journal articles hal-00911696v1
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The importance of crustal structure in explaining the observed uncertainties in ground motion estimation

John Douglas , Hideo Aochi , Peter Suhadolc , Giovanni Costa
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 2007, 5 (1), pp.17-26. ⟨10.1007/s10518-006-9017-y⟩
Journal articles hal-00557603v1